Sample Bindows Gauges

FREE - Bindows™ Ajax Gauges Library

Use the Bindows free gauges library toolkit to add vector-graphics based, Ajax-enabled gauges to any HTML page. The Bindows free gauges toolkit includes:

The gauges library was tested with IE 5.5, IE 6, and Safari-4.

The latest Bindows Gauges library version is 1.1beta3

The package is provided free of charge, without any warranty and without any commitment for support.

Commercial Version

The commercial version of the Bindows gauges is based on the latest Bindows version
The commercial version supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 53, Safari, and Chrome 59.
In addition, the commercial Bindows gauges library includes ten additional gauges - see below:

For more details: Commercial Gauges

Additional gauges in the Bindows commercial gauges library

To add a Bindows gauge to your page:

CLICK to select and customize your gauge

Download the Bindows™ free gauges toolkit here

Go to the technical instructions page

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