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BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board

See the BarracudaDrive Bulletin Board

Turnkey solution - add a Forum to your site

The BarracudaDrive bulletin board is a free application delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server - provided by Real Time Logic LLC. The BarracudaDrive bulletin board is powered by Bindows "zero-footprint" Rich Internet Application framework. The bulletin board, which is designed using cutting edge web-technology, looks and behaves more like a traditional Windows application than a web application.

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No technical experience is needed

The free bulletin board requires no installation or configuration. The BarracudaDrive Web Server's integrated database engine makes it possible for us to deliver a zero configuration bulletin board -- i.e. there is no need for you to install a database and connect the bulletin board to the database.

The Bulletin Board is one of five plugins delivered with the BarracudaDrive Web Server.


The BarracudaDrive site: