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Bindows Software Development Kit (SDK)

Bindows is a Software Development Kit (SDK) for writing robust and secure Rich Internet Applications. The Bindows platform provides rich functionality for thin Web clients. Bindows applications require no end-user downloads - true zero-footprint (no Java, Flash, plug-ins or ActiveX are used).

To view Bindows™ in action view one of the samples or try out the forum.

If you want to learn more about how to build Bindows™ applications check out the documentation section.

The Bindows™ Framework provides you with:

  • A class based, Object Oriented API

  • A complete windowing system with a wide array of supported widgets including menus, forms, grids, sliders, gauges and more.

  • The leading toolkit for developing zero-footprint SOA client-side applications.

  • Native XML, SOAP and XML-RPC support

  • Single user to enterprise level support.

The Bindows Development Environment

  • Supports enterprise scale projects

  • Cross-browser, cross-platform support

  • Server independent architecture

  • Interoperability with new and existing resources

  • Uniform development methodology


Have it both Rich & Thin (yes!)

Bindows breaks the paradigm where you need to choose between rich (interface) and thin (client). Bindows applications can be as rich as any modern desktop application and extremely thin (and of course zero-footprint).


Bindows applications are:

  • Rich, customizable, with desktop-like GUI components

  • Run in standard browsers without any installation (zero-footprint)

  • No proprietary clients, runtime engines, or plug-ins

So Agnostic!

Bindows applications are agnostic to:

  • Server - any server (Java, .NET, PHP, etc. can be used with Bindows)

  • Backend platform - Any backend hardware and backend software

  • Operating system - Any operating system can be used on the client (as long as it includes a supported browser)

  • Language - All languages supported. Bindows supports Unicode

  • Browser - most browsers are supported (i.e., Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, Mozilla 1.4 (Firefox) and higher, Netscape 7.1 and higher, K-Meleon, Camino, WebKit 525+, (Chrome, upcoming Safari version). For more information see the releasenotes document in Bindows.

XML and Web Services

Bindows applications are defined by XML documents and supports standard SOAP Web Services.

Accessibility (Section 508) Support

Using the Bindows technology it is possible to migrate existing web applications and web pages to be 508-compatible (yes, even Ajax applications with very rich GUI).

The Bindows framework includes support for accessibility (US Government Section-508 requirements) in Internet Explorer for visually impaired users. With the Accessibility module, developers can make existing and new Bindows applications available to these users with a few simple steps.

The Bindows framework enables the fastest time to market for Ajax and Web 2.0 applications that work with leading screen readers, such as JAWS, without requiring any download or installation (zero-footprint).

For more information, see our 508 page.


  • Allows creation of zero-footprint applications with rich user-interface

Wide array of supported widgets, including:

  • Standard components (labels, buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, text areas and others)

  • Menus and popup menus

  • Toolbars and status bars

  • Rich tool tips

  • Grids (tables) and hierarchical trees

  • Sliders, spinners and progress bars

  • Gauge

Complete windowing system including:

  • Application window

  • Internal windows (both MDI and SDI)

  • Dialog boxes and message boxes


  • Runs on most modern computers

  • Interacts with Web Services

  • Supports client-side charting which is both rich, scalable and dynamic (animations):

    • Columns and bars

    • Pie charts

    • Line charts

    • Stacked bars

  • Allows easy internationalization of applications, including using the operation system language used by the user

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