Bindows™ Benchmarking

Bindows Benchmarking

We have developed a benchmarking tool to help us find performance bottlenecks and memory leaks. This tool is still in early stages of development, but we have found it to be of great value when performing these crucial tasks.

Main Features

How To Use

For detailed instructions on how to use the Bindows benchmarking tool refer to README.txt.


Load the BiBenchmark.js script, set up a FastCgi server (as outlined in the README file) and it should work. To test windows with small leaks it's good to automatically load and close these windows through code and let the benchmarking tool log the result. Checking for undisposed objects can be done by enable object logging before the window is opened, disable it after closing and use the sendObjectCounts() method to send information to the benchmarking tool.

How to Get It

The Bindows benchmarking tool is available at no charge.

Email us at, specify which version of Bindows you are running and in what environment (OS, language, browser) and we will send you a link to download the tool.

Contribute & Make It Better

We hope you will find the tool useful. The source code is also included, feel free to contribute to make this a better tool.

Please submit your contribution to Once added to the tool, your name will be added to the list of contributors.