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App Launcher

This application allows you to run all the provided test applications included with the API. The application reads an XML file that contains a list of the applications to list.

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API Browser

This application parses an XML file (classtree.xml) and uses that to populate a BiTree. When the selection in the tree changes an iframe is loaded with the URI for the current item.

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BiPad is a simple application that allows you to enter Bindows markup in a text area and imediately see the results. Use the predefined snippets in the menu or type markup such as <Button text="MyButton"/> to see what it does.

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Class Browser

The Class Browser inspects the Bindows class tree and allows you to browse the classes along with their methods and properties.

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Inline Components

These are components that can be used in a more classic HTML document. This allows you to create normal HTML pages and then extend them to contain Bindows component.

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