Download Documents

Here you can access some documentation downloads. If you are interested in the evaluation download you should access the Evaluate page.

All documents are in PDF format. If the Acrobat Reader is installed on your machine, it might be that the browser will attempt to open the page inside the browser. If you want to save the document for later use, you can right-click on the "Download" link and select "Save As..." from the context menu.

The Bindows Manual

This document is a detailed guide for Bindows programmers. It contains valuable data about all aspects of Bindows programming.


The Bindows Accessibility - Developers Guide

This document is a detailed guide on how to create accessible applications using Bindows.


Automated Testing of Bindows Applications

Complicated applications call for automated testing. This document describes how one can use Mercury's QuickTest tool for performing that on a Bindows application.


Powered-by-Bindows logo

The standard Bindows license agreement requires that you display a Bindows logo in your application or offering.

You can download the Powered-by-Bindows logo in various designs by right-clicking on the images below and selecting "Save Picture As..."

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