Bindows 4.7 - Latest Version


Supporting the latest versions of all the major browsers

Bindows 4.7 supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 53, Safari, and Chrome 59.

Key Bundles

We have developed a key bundle feature. It is similar to a string bundle, but where a string bundle contains strings selected by user language, the key bundle contains BiKeyStroke objects selected by direct overwrites.

User definable key bundles

As a developer you can decide to replace the entire key bundle or override specific shortcuts. Add the <KeyBundle/> tag to the <Resources> </Resources> section.

See the sample KeyBundleTest.xml for example use

Built-in overrides for Mac clients.

The default keybundle includes a set of keystrokes that are used only on a Mac. These override the PC keystrokes automatically.

You can also add your own shortcuts. BiKeyboardEvent and BiMouseEvent include two new methods matchesBundleShortcut(sName) (keyboard events only) and matchesBundleModifiers(sName).

The output from BiKeystroke.toString() is different on a Mac than on a PC. It displays the modifier symbols that a Mac user expects. Both formats work as input when parsing a shortcut string (disregarding platform).

Collapsible Panel

Bindows includes a new panel component that animates by between open and closed states. It can be configured in a number of ways and can hold any Bindows components. It can be docked to any side inside any Bindows component and also operates as an inline component.

See the samples CollapsiblePanelTest and CollapsiblePanelTest2 in the applauncher for example use

Threestate Checkbox

We added a class which adds a third state to BiCheckBox. The check-box may display a third "undetermined" state. This is useful e.g. when handling a single property for multiple objects at the same time.

For example use, see the ThreeStateCheckBoxTest in the applauncher

New grid/tree IP column type

We made a new grid and /or tree IP' column type available.

New date validation

We have added an optional basic date validation for the datetimepicker. When it is used, if a user fills a date picker with an invalid date (for example 32.01.12, 29.02.12) an error dialog occurs.
The message for the error dialog can be set manually.


This version adds support for the latest versions of all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 53, Safari, and Chrome 59.

In response to customer requests, we added several minor improvements See the changelog for details.

Bug fixes

This release contains several bug fixes. See the changelog for details.