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Rich & Complete Framework

​The Bindows framework includes the richest and most complete Ajax components library

  • The richest windowing software framework for the web

  • The most powerful grids, trees, and OLAP grids

  • A complete library of charting, animation, gauges, vector graphics, and themes

  • Best support in market for internationalization and Section-508 (accessibility)

Time to Market

Bindows enables quick development of rich and powerful AJAX applications by providing:

  • Object-oriented, integrated design environment enabling developers to leverage existing programming skills and proven methodologies

  • Standardization of development processes and end results

  • Full cross-browsers support – develop once, run on multiple browsers

  • Parallel development - separate teams can develop in parallel. One team developing the UI and user interactivity, second team works on the server side

  • Supports “off the shelf” integration with any back-end platform, server, browser and operating system

  • InfiView technology by itself (layers, memory) should save 1-1.5 years on any development

  • Clear and well documented API - get you to highly sophisticated features quickly (using layering system, advanced memory technology, and the ability to customize almost everything on the framework level)

  • Bindows is open for mash-ups with resources from the network or the internet, dealing with security aspect only on the server side

  • By using JS on one side and XML on the other side you get readability and manageability, and it supports adding automation to the process

Superior Testing

​Bindows advanced testing technology enables testing software, in one time, (huge time savings) for:

  • Multiple browsers, multiple versions (for example, IE6, IE7, IE8)

  • Multiple OS (Windows, Linux, Mac)

  • Multiple software versions

Built for Large Development Teams

  • Bindows object-oriented approach and expandability scales well to very large development teams and projects

  • Bindows is used in some of the largest ISV’s by teams of tens and hundreds of programmers - supporting parallel development, knowledge transfer and cross organization standardization

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