Screenshots of commercial Bindows-powered applications, provided by several of our customers.
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      With Denbun, you can access your email anywhere, anytime by a browser. All the messages you sent and received are stored in a mail server, not in your desktop so that you can manage E-mail messages in one place.

Datheon™ Vista DocumentManager

A web based set of folders containing documents with version management.

Datheon™ Vista Forum

An online forum (threaded or flat). Discussion items can contain links to documents.

Datheon™ Vista Gantt Chart

An online editor for Gantt ™ charts. Task duration and start can be changed using drag & drop with instantaneous save to the Datheon web database.

Datheon™ Vista InfoCharts

Freely configurable charts : one basic object (person, organization, you name it) and a number of queries returning related information. InfoCharts are activated by dropping an object in specific area or on a button.


Datheon™ Vista KnowledgeBank

A hierarchically structured set of knowledge items containing HTML, images keywords and references to other knowledge items.





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