Bindows Quick Demo

This Bindows application demonstrates our Windows look and feel - inside a browser.

The application loads almost all the components included in the Bindows API (a very rich Bindows application), however, notice the short load time.

Click on the Switch Theme to change the application's theme. Try right-clicking in various places, resizing (see the effect on the graphics and gauge), also try typing in various languages in the input fields.

InfiView - Flight Browser demo

CLICK to run the Flight Browser demo

Launch the Flight Browser demo

InfiView is a Bindows-powered software platform for developing interactive & infinite Ajax graphical maps and diagrams. One of InfiView's strengths is its ability to show subsets of large contents of data in an efficient way by swapping data in and out of memory. The Flight Browser demo demonstrates InfiView's ability to integrate with third party components (in this case - Google Maps). The Flight Browser demo shows randomized airline routes between airports.

Advanced Gauges


The Bindows BiGauge2 class library is a set of classes used for creating advanced and dynamic gauges that can contain several ranges, scales, dynamic updatable needles and more.

It also has classes for creating advanced gradient fillings, backgrounds and image backgrounds.

Since gauges are created using vector graphics it is possible to dynamically update almost every property of a gauge, including the needles. This makes it possible to present near to real-time updates in gauges.

Animation Demo

This demo demonstrates some of the capabilities of the Bindows animation library. Moving the mouse over the top buttons causes the thumbnail of the components on the left side to pulsate. Clicking on the same buttons expands the components and move them into the work area.

The speed can be adjusted with the slider on the right side. The ticker speed can also be controlled by the slider, located above it. The current frame number is displayed by listening to a frameprogression event.

When the ticker animation is fully displayed - the text "animation end" is displayed and then fades out. The ticker animation can be paused, started and rewinded with two small buttons next to it.

Finally, when you move the mouse over the logo it blinks a few times.


Graphical Links API

The Graphical Links API - BiLink API enables drawing of graphical links (lines and arrows) that join elements. The properties of the links, including color, width and style, can be customized. The basic task of the API is to manage the anchoring of the link to the elements.

InfiView - Live Flow

CLICK to run the Live Flow demo

CLICK to run the Live Flow demo

Live animated flow between multiple elements.

Try to:

InfiView - Network Topology with Layers

CLICK to run the Networks Layers

CLICK to run the Networks Layers demo

Multiple networks displayed using our Layers technology.

Try to:

InfiView - 40,000 Interactive Nodes

Click to run

<--- CLICK to run

Showing how InfiView can present in a browser, a large data set, stored on a remote server, while enabling users interaction.




Customers' Demos

Denbun - Ajax WebMail

Denbun (electric message in Japanese) is an Ajax mail software developed by our Japanese partner NEOJAPAN,Inc. With Denbun, you can access your email anywhere, anytime by a browser. All the messages you sent and received are stored in a mail server, not in your desktop so you can manage E-mail messages in one place. The software provides rich functionality, including drag-drop, search, rich edit and more. To login to the live demo use Login ID: smith, Password: demo123.


Click2Map: Ajax Map Editor

Click2Map™ is a new Rich Internet Application (RIA) developed by HylioSoft, a French Web company. The application is based on Bindows, the Ajax framework, and it allows you to create maps, add markers, and build out the Google Map.


Forum Software: Bindows & J2EE

This Forum software is powered by Bindows and uses j2ee+spring+hibernate and any RDBMS (supported by hibernate). It is a nice example of a live application with multi layers.

Completed features includes: Messages sorting, Refresh with keeping selected row, Login/register a new user, Paging, Search

Planned Features will include: Localization (complete Bindows l10n including localized XML markup files), Mail notification, Accessed message highlighting, Browser´s back button support


A Complete Web Site Powered by Bindows

The complete web site is powered by Bindows. It also demonstrates nice use of themes (you can switch themes by selecting a theme, in the top right corner of every page).

The page includes various custom components and themes. You can preview, modify and play with them. The custom components and themes are also available for download.

The site was designed and developed by Alexey Zhuravlev, a certified Bindows consultant (CBC).


Skypoet's world

Cool demos, including detailed design description and tips.
Designed and developed by Oliver Tse - doing web stuff in the valley.

Bindows Rounded Corners - No Images!

A reusable rounded corner component which doesn't use images for corners. Note that the height of the rounded corners is always 5px. You can't ( and shouldn't ) change that. This makes the API even simpler because all you have to worry about is setting the width of MyRoundedCorners. Click the image, and move and resize the object.

Click to run the demo


Bindows Animations Dashboard

A cool animation dashboard, using Bindows animation library. Observe change in opacity by selecting a background from the Select Background container. Watch the background fade out and then watch the new one fade in. Click on the expand button in the Welcome container and watch as the container transitions to an expanded container. Then, collapse and watch it shrink. Drag one of the containers. Then, drag the other. Do this as many times as you'd like and then click on Undo Move. Watch as containers move back to their previous positions.

Click to run the demo


Scrollable Components

Put scroll arrows on your Bindows toolbars, menu bars or tabs by using a reusable component called ScrollableComponent. The component works for all derivatives of BiComponent and you can easily instantiate, set its size and then add it to the containing component.

Animating Yahoo's Expanding and Collapsing Tabs

The example imitated here is taken from Yahoo!. It's the expanding/collapsing grid menu tabs found on the Yahoo! home page. Mouseover the tabs and you'll see the animated expanding and collapseing tabs at work. Note that the tab pane content is static. They're just images, but in reality, they can be any component.

Click to run the demo

Asynchronous Animated Slider

The picture slider is an implementation of Yahoo! "Slide Transition" UI Design Pattern. It's also a knockoff of a slider widget in Yahoo! Games. It's extended to show you how to load photos asynchronously (Ajax!). The Bindows control looks like this:

Click to run the demo


A reusable component, built with the Bindows 2.5 Toolkit. The component performs asynchronous (AJAX) filtering with a cool filtering control (dual thumbs).

Click to run the demo

Custom Bindows View Port

A reusable component built with the Bindows 2.5 Toolkit, for graphical display and navigation in a large size randomly generated graph, created from the Bindows graphical API. The way that the pattern works is that the map is the detail part and the little view port located at the lower right or the upper left is the overview part of the pattern. You use this pattern when there is a large amount of spatial information, but you can't see it all. So, thru the view port, you navigate to specific parts of the data.

Click to run the demo

A "Google Gadget Tips" Like Widget

A reusable component of a series of help screens accessed by mousing over the vertical tabs. You really can't put too much information in each pane, but the vertical tabs are unique and worth imitating for a web application.

Click to run the demo

To see some cool screenshots, click below:
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