Case Studies

The Ultimate Test

If Bindows is described as:

It's because we have some of the most demanding customers. Our customers help us strengthen and refine it, having put it through much more demanding tests than we could possibly have conducted in our laboratory.

In this page we will present some of their stories:

Go to the Grup65 site

"We used Bindows to port our complex desktop application to a rich, zero-footprint webtop application. We did not lose anything and we added a lot!."

Albert Oliva Suàrez, Technical Director of Grup65 S.L.

About Grup65:

Grup65 is a Spanish software house specializing in databases, web software development and design, e commerce, CAD and architecture.

Read the Grup65 case study here (pdf)

Go to the Click2Map site

"Bindows allowed us to take a complex desktop application, port it to the web space and get a version 1.0 application that is much more mature and even unexpectedly rich."

Antony Zanetti, founder and project manager of HylioSoft

About Click2Map by HylioSoft:

HylioSoft is a French software company, founded in 2004. HylioSoft is developing enterprise portals, intranet and internet applications and solutions for web applications, web services and more. HylioSoft is the creator and owner of http:/ Geoweb application.

Read the Click2Map case study here (pdf)


"Bindow's robust toolset and top-notch support enabled us to morph a complex desktop app into an award-winning Web admin console. With Bindows, we improved usability and consistency and met a tight deadline."

Amnon Govrin, Enterprise Development Tech Lead, Webroot

About Webroot:

Webroot Software, Inc., a privately held company based in Boulder, Colorado, with offices worldwide, creates innovative privacy, performance and protection products and services for millions of customers in 223 countries, ranging from enterprises to small businesses and home users.

Founded in 1997, the company provides best-of-breed anti-spyware solutions that protect personal information and corporate assets from online and internal threats. Webroot consistently receives top ratings and recommendations by respected third-party media and product reviewers.

Read the Webroot case study here (pdf)

Compass Plus

"Based on Bindows components Compass Plus has developed more specific components that can work with our meta-description allowing the automated or manual building of the software product's GUI. As a result, automatic (at the point of execution) generation of GUI can be achieved without any problems."

Anatoly Kaptsan, Compass Plus

About Compass Plus

COMPASS PLUS specialize in the development of object-oriented technologies and state-of-the-art software for building, implementing, supporting and managing of all-scale retail banking and electronic payment systems, including payment card and bank account management, card personalization and issuance, processing and analytics, interactive self-service, electronic bill presentment and payment, mobile and electronic commerce, terminal driving and other systems necessary for developing and running successful electronic payment projects. Currently, COMPASS PLUS lucratively serves over 60 medium and large size financial institutions, processing centers and national switches in 18 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Read the Compass Plus case study here (pdf)