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Bindows Main Benefits

  • Superior GUI

  • Rich, scalable and dynamic client-side charting

  • Dramatically reduces server hits

  • Dramatically reduces network load

  • Unified design methodology

  • Complete separation between server and client development. Any server development tool might be used.

  • Knowledge of HTML or CSS is not required

  • Support for multilingual interface

  • Zero-footprint (for the client-side: no installation, no upgrades, no patches, ever)

Complete Framework

  • Strength of a framework, wealth of components

  • Interoperability of the framework components

  • No memory leaks

  • No code duplication

  • Framework of components versus collection of widgets

Vendor independent

  • GUI and client side software are independent of server technology choice

  • Investment in client software is reusable with other server products

  • Develop once, use on many web platforms

Built for integration

  • XML based GUI and client application definition

  • Comprehensive Framework and Object model

  • Enables out of the box, zero footprint deployment

Built for Security

  • Operates in Browser sandbox

  • Zero footprint

  • SSL tested

  • No cookies required

Reduced TCO

  • Thin client

  • No installation, no upgrades, no patches (for the client-side)

  • Dramatically reduces server hits 

  • Dramatically reduces network bandwidth

Bindows for the Desktop

  • Allows creation of No-Installation desktop applications with rich user-interface

  • Bindows desktop application does not require installation, changes to registry, dll's, etc. - just copy the files to the disk, and use

  • Complete portability between computers

  • No uninstall procedure - just delete the files

  • Will work on any Windows PC with IE 5.5 and higher and most Linux PC

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