BindowsFaces is a components library that enables you to create powerful Ajax web applications with a Windows look-and-feel - using Java through JSF.

Run your Java-based applications, inside a browser (pure Ajax), with a Windows look-and-feel!

BindowsFaces™ - Now supporting Comet

The latest version of BindowsFaces now supports Comet, using GlassFish implementation.

Who should consider using BindowsFaces?

Why use BindowsFaces

Most JSF based frameworks in the market provide the client side components as an afterthought - their client side is quite weak.

BindowsFaces provides Java developers with a market leading client-side component model, built from the ground up with TRUE object-oriented Ajax.

Bindows is famous for being full, rich and mature (probably the richest Ajax framework). Bindows also provides the best in market support for developing Section-508 accessible web applications.


  1. Define a fully working application without writing a single line of JavaScript.

  2. BindowsFaces enables you to create full fledged Bindows applications using only JSF.

  3. The Bindows legacy provides you with access to the most robust, mature and rich Ajax components (the richest components library) on the market.

  4. You (the developer) have full control of how to distribute execution loads between the client and the server. Let the client do 99% of the work - drastically reduce server load and bandwidth utilization.

  5. Creation of the client application can be fully automated by the use of XML.

  6. Utilize industry standard Java development tools featuring code completion, unit testing etc.

  7. The underlying Ajax library is object oriented - very similar to Java and Swing which should make the transition swift and painless for a large portion of the developer community around the world.

  8. Cross-browser compatibility and zero-footprint.

  9. Enables an application flow on the client side with actions and events. No need to send an entire HTML page just to change one pice of data.

  10. We use true Ajax! No hidden frames...
Bindows Faces

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How to get it

BindowsFaces is only available to extisitng Bindows customers.