Bindows™ - The #1 Ajax Framework
Supporting the latest versions of all major browsers

Bindows 4.7

Bindows 4.7 is the latest production release version of Bindows.
Bindows 4.7 supports the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge.
For more details: Bindows 4.7

Bindows AV10 - Coming Soon

The Alpha version of Bindows AV10 is coming out soon. AV stands for Advanced Version.

Bindows AV10 is not backward compatible with previous versions of Bindows; Bindows AV10 is optimized to support the latest browsers in the market (including Microsoft Edge), and supports easy incorporation of HTML5 and open-source software.

If you are looking for the most advanced AJAX development framework, appreciate the 'no-baggage' support and lean and effective code - contact us.

True AJAX with a Windows Look-and-Feel

Bindows is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) software framework for development of rich AJAX and Web 2.0 enterprise web applications.
Using Bindows, you can generate the exact look and exact feel (standard shortcut keys, mnemonics, etc) of a Windows GUI in your web applications.

Better than Desktop

Rich & Complete

The Bindows framework includes the richest and most complete Ajax components library

Time to Market

Bindows enables quick development of rich and powerful AJAX applications. Bindows object-oriented approach and expandability scales well to very large development teams and projects.
For more details see our Superior Development page.

Bindows provides the best-in-industry support for Section-508 (ADA) accessibility support. Bindows with its industrial strength tools, is the best choice for Section-508 compatible government sites and applications.

Bindows powered applications, developed by our customers are used by:

Great Looks (you talked - we listened)

You asked us to update the looks of Bindows
("...being powerful and complete is not enough, we also want great looks!")

Bindows themes are here - cool looks (that you can freely modify), including full support for rounded corners.
For more information on the themes, and how to create your own themes: Themes page.

Here is a screenshot of one of the themes (click to enlarge):

Click to see in full size

Use the themes to create stunning Ajax applications!

“To provide a consistent user experience across Hyperion System 9 modules, Hyperion has employed an object-oriented component framework for construction of the System 9 Workspace.

MB Technologies' Bindows is the leading Software Development Kit (SDK) used for developing zero-footprint SOA client-side applications. It contains a complete windowing system with a wide array of supported tools including menus, forms, grids, sliders, and gauges that allow Hyperion development resources to spend more time building BPM systems and less time building user interfaces.”

Hyperion White Paper: Defining an Enterprise-Wide Business Performance Management Architecture.

InfiView - AJAX Data Visualization Framework

InfiView is based on Bindows, and is powered by Bindows. This unique framework provides multiple powerful capabilities for your software.Go to the InfiView site

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Bindows Gauge - Your Local Time